Miscreant Bot

Terms of Service &
Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

These terms of service are a legally binding contract between the end user and MiscreantBot.Com, these terms shall apply to all users of the software.

You agree not to make any attempt to disrupt the service of the bot or the website, this includes but is in no way limited to spamming commands, attempting to break functions, attempting to bypass security features, creating a word blacklist with more than 250 entries.

MiscreantBot.Com reserves the right to refuse service to any service or user for any reason.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple: Transparency.

Data we collect and how it is used:
Discord User ID: Used to identify a user for moderation actions and for the leveling system we do not store user names, message content, or any other identifiable information.
Discord Server ID: Used to store administration data such as the ticket category, word blacklist, and other relevant data needed to perform the basic functions of the bot.

Who your data is shared with:
Nobody, we do not collect or store any personally identifiable information, or message content, nor do we disclose the information that we do keep with any party except for Discord Inc. upon request to assist in abuse investigations, and law enforcement agencies upon request as required by law.

Data Security:
MiscreantBot.Com and all of our servers use the latest standards in security, stored data is not exposed to the internet but is exposed via a direct tunnel to Discord servers. We proudly partner with Cloudflare to provide an additional layer of security to all of our services.Privacy and data security are very important to us at MiscreantBot.Com and it is our sincere promise to our users that we will never abuse the trust that you have given us by using our software and services.

Have you read this far? That probably means you're a nerd like us. If you have experience in systems management, node.js, or anything else that might be relevant to Miscreant you should contact our team. We are a group of gamers and coders who love Discord and want to make the best bot Discord has ever seen.

Miscreant Bot